Good morning poems for boyfriend

Sweet good morning text to boyfriend from girlfriend
Good morning poems for boyfriend: Early mornings are all about hugs, kisses, snuggles, cuddles, love and gazing out into the orange skies while sipping on a hot cuppa. Bring this all together in a cute poem and send it to your boyfriend to wish him a good morning. A romantic early morning conversation while you are still tossing around in bed is one of the pleasures of puppy love. Flirt with him and send him sweet virtual pokes – it is the perfect way to start the day on a beautiful note that will make you both smile endlessly.

1) To meet you
I am waiting
For your hugs
I am craving
For your kisses
I am longing
You hot thing
Good morning

2) Sunshine wouldn’t seem so bright
Dewdrops wouldn’t feel so fresh and new
Mornings wouldn’t feel so heavenly
In my life, if not for you
Days wouldn’t seem so livable
Nights wouldn’t be so cozy
If I didn’t sleep with the thought
Of waking up to see you, baby
Good morning

3) Lots of kisses
Hugs aplenty
Are in store for you
My sweetie
A line up of cuddles
An array of sweet nothings
Are waiting for you
Wish you a good morning

4) Mornings are the time to hug me
Mornings are the time to kiss
Mornings are the time to love me
Mornings are the time for bliss
Mornings are the time to call me
Mornings are the time to embrace
Mornings are the time for me to see
Your handsome looks and charming face
Good morning

5) The snugness of my bed
The coziness of my comforter
Makes me wish so bad
That you were right here
The warmth of my blanket
The softness of my pillow
Makes me want to see you soon
Is all that I want you to know
Good morning

6) It is that time of the day once again
When I can stare at you endlessly
It is that part of the day once more
When I can gape at you continuously
It is that moment of the yet again
When I can go crazy in anticipation
Good morning to the love of my life
I am waiting to meet you in desperation

7) Wish you a good morning
My handsome guy
I can’t stay away from you
No matter how hard I try
Now get out of bed
Come and meet me
I can’t start my day
Without seeing you, baby
Good morning

8) The morning skies
So fresh and blue
Make me think
Only of you
The morning sunrise
So peaceful and calm
Reminds me of
Your subtle charm
Good morning

9) Hot and handsome
You are my boyfriend
Beautiful and sexy
I am your girlfriend
Me and you
Are a perfect pair
For each other
We are always there
Good morning

10) One more day
Of your love and care
One more reason
My joy to share
One more time
To celebrate together
One more occasion
To love one another
One more cause
To thank my stars
For giving me a hot boyfriend
That you are
Good morning
Romantic good morning text to boyfriend from girlfriend
11) Early mornings are yet another chance
To think about you and our romance
All I need to do
Is sit on the balcony with my hot brew
Looking out in the skies and the sunrise
Reminds me of my boyfriend – my life’s prize
To feel happy, this is the best way
It gives me a smiling start to the day
Good morning

12) The minute I wake up
To my morning coffee
I only think of how I can
Love you endlessly
The second my eyes open
To broad daylight
The only thought I have
Is to hug you with all my might
The only reason my mornings
Are so happy
Is because I know
That I’ll be seeing you shortly
Good morning

13) Even though you are
A lazy bum
You are my hot boyfriend
My favorite chum
Even though every morning
You are so lethargic
Your messy hair makes you
Look so hot and terrific
Even though are not
A morning person
I love waking you up
It’s so much fun
Good morning

14) More than an alarm clock
More than a cup of coffee
I know you would like
To be woken up by me
More than reminders on your phone
More than calls from the office
You know that I would like
To be woken up by my sweet kiss
Good morning

15) I haven’t slept peacefully
I was turning and twisting
I was thinking of you all night
I missed you so much darling
For the day to start
I was desperately waiting
Now that it’s finally here
Here’s wishing you a good morning

16) Go get the world
Today is your day
From you no one can
Take it away
It’s your time to shine
Give it your best shot
I wish the best for you
I love you a lot
Good morning

17) My mornings are made up
Of two things that I adore
One is a hot cuppa
That makes my sprits soar
The second thing which makes
Every morning worth it
Is the thought of how much
I love my boyfriend to every bit
Good morning

18) The sun has begun to shine
The stars have dimmed away
Let’s put our fight behind us
Life has shown us a new way
The birds have begun to chirp
The moonlight has faded
To give you a kiss
I’m just so excited
Good morning

19) Thank God it’s morning
Time to see you once more
I love starting my day
By meeting someone I adore
I have been waiting for the sunrise
To see your handsome face
I have been waiting for daybreak
To come to your place
Now that the sun is up
I can’t wait to get all this done
Brace yourself, boy
Today is going to be so much fun
Good morning

20) I can’t see how
My day would pass
Happy moments I wonder
How I would amass
I wouldn’t be able
To start yet another day
I would be incapable
Of doing things the right way
If I didn’t text you
Every single morning
Waiting to receive your reply
Which reads, I love you darling
Good morning

Cute good morning poem for boyfriend
21) Monday or Tuesday
No matter what day it is
I will always send you a text
With a good morning kiss
This is a ritual
I can never miss
It makes each morning
Full of bliss
Good morning

22) My first thought
My last dream
Every morning
Makes me gleam
My nighttime prayers
My morning reverie
Makes me smile
So widely
My only hope
With every morning’s light
Is to be in your arms
And hug you tight
Good morning

23) A really cool day
Is up your alley
For you are going to spend
An amazing day with me
Everything will be just right
Every day should be like this
It will start with a long hug
And the most romantic kiss
Good morning

24) After I wake up
Every second is a race
To get out of home
And see your face
Once I am out of bed
Every minute is a fight
To come and meet you
And set everything right
Good morning

25) I dreamt last night
About you and only you
I hope you dreamt
About me too
I was waiting
For dawn to break
More thoughts of you
I couldn’t take
Now that morning
Has finally come
Meeting you will make
The day awesome
Good morning
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