How to Activate Internet Banking Service for Punjab National Bank 2016

Internet Banking nowadays comes in the limelight to make your payment process much easier. Using Internet banking, we can perform all the transactions by sitting at our desk. The net banking makes you move forward easily with many financial matters.
The internet banking can also be referred to as online banking which we can do by making use of PC, Laptop or mobile. By using online banking or internet banking you can pay the bills, taxes, credit card bills, also you can buy things and many from online shopping. The online banking has multi-way uses and it is most convenient for clients.
Activate PNB Net Banking at
Punjab National Bank ( is offering various services to its clients. Also took a step forward and provided Internet Banking Services for its customer. PNB is offering the net banking for all customers. Using PNB Net Banking customers can be able to operate various transactions online.
PNB Internet banking online Payments
If the clients are planning to use internet banking then, they have to apply for internet banking in their corresponding bank.
The Punjab National Bank will be providing the user id and password to access account. By using them, the customer can be able to use internet banking. By using the user id and password one can login into their account. After logging into the account, clients can pay the bills, taxes etc.
PNB Internet Banking by using mobile
Also, you can use the internet banking facility through mobile phone. By downloading the PNB app on your mobile, you can deal with all the transactions through your mobile phone. You can also download the app from official website
ID and Password:
When you initially requested the Punjab National bank for internet banking, the bank is going to provide User ID and Password for clients. The User Id and Password can be changed later. The User Id will be having a total of 28 letters. That can consist numbers, symbols, and alphabets.
Also, the password can also be altered according to the customer requirement. The User Id and Password must be remembered by the client to access the account. In case if customer forgot the password or username, then contact the PNB on its helpline number.

Important Points about PNB Online Banking

  • Login name and password must be used and also altered after the bank has facilitated with internet banking id and password. Otherwise, the Login id is going to expire in 360 days and password is going to expire in 180 days. Also, customers need to change the id and password after the certain period to maintain the security and exploitation.
  • Entering the wrong ID or Password for several times May leads to account will be blocked. Then the customers can approach PNB Customer care.
  • Customers must maintain the secrecy by not revealing the password to anyone under any circumstances. All the customers are informed that beware of hacking websites. If any link appears suspicious, don’t ever provide your password information. Any such password verification links will not be sent to customers from PNB.
  • If the Debit / Credit card has been theft by someone or lost anywhere then immediately the customers can block the card by entering the invalid password for five times. The account will be automatically going to be blocked until you reach the bank for help.

Steps to activate PNB Internet Banking:

  • First visit the Punjab National bank’s official page,
  • If you are a new User, registering for the first time, then click on register button. (This appears on the main page.)
  • The page prompts to enter the details, A/C Number, DOB, PAN Card Number, etc.
  • After providing all the details just click on ‘I agree’ button to turn on the internet banking service.
  • Or if you are an existing customer then you can directly click on the sign-in button by providing your user id and password.
  • There are two modes, Retail User, and Corporate User.
  • A single person can log in as retails user and the corporate offices registered with PNB can log in under corporate user.

General Points to Remember for Internet Banking:

  • Any customer has to remember the username and password.
  • If there is any query regarding the internet banking clients can approach the bank branch or help line to clear their doubts.
  • Also the User Name, Password, PIN number of Debit Card / ATM Card should not be revealed to anyone under any circumstances.
  • If the user name and password entered wrongly, for five times, the account is going to be seized by the bank authorities. So clients must be careful while providing their details.
Now you can easily register for the Punjab National Bank Internet bankingat the official website If you have any questions, then please ask in the comment section.
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